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 Monthly Subscription

This is an invitation to work with me on a monthly membership subscription package.  Click below for more information.  I look forward to sharing with you and assisting you in this journey of healing and expansion. 

Monthly Subscription Membership


  • Personal 20-minute consulting call each month

  • Grab your favorite beverage and we’ll focus solely on you.  Each month, you accure 20 minutes for a zoom phone call that you can use monthly or bank for one longer session of up to 80 minutes.

  • Unlimited email communication - Use it as much or as little as you would like, for resources, support, accountability, coaching, and encouragement all at your fingertips.

  • Private Facebook Group - Invitation to a private Facebook group where members share and support one another. 

  • Bonus Resources - I will occasionally share tips, tools, light transmissions, and exercises to help you heal, balance and expand.

  • Monthly Facebook Live and/or Group Zoom Workshops 

  • 20% discount on all future courses. 


You get all of the above for about the price of a dinner out! 

As a reference point, one 30-minute session with me is $80. 



 Monthly Subscription

We are all doing our best, right now, to heal, balance and expand.  Community is important in that venture.  Not everyone has community.  I find many people who say they have no support system.  They have no one that they can be open with about their experiences without being judged as weird.   Well, hello weird.. meet your family!
 One of my gifts is building community and support systems for those who are growing spiritually.  For that reason, I have been given the prompt to build a digital community.  While meeting for coffee is nice, sometimes it is not convenient.  
 How would you like to have monthly, dependable support and be part of a digital community of like-minded people? 

Join me in a monthly membership subscription

for only $44.44 per month.

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