Earth Wombyn LLC

My name is Patricia Walls.

 I can help you go from blocked and disconnected to an intuitive powerhouse quicker than you think.

How do I know?

We are all natural intuitives.  

It is just a matter of connecting and remembering.

 That is my gift; assisting others in connecting and remembering their sovereignty and gifts.

 My training began some 40 years ago in shamanism and evolved through learning, practicing, and teaching many healing modalities

 I have served as an international speaker, teacher, women’s retreat leader, artist, author, healing facilitator and mentor. 

 Now I want to share this experience and knowledge to help you find you. 


I wanted to share just a few testimonials from people that have touched my life by allowing me to assist them on their awakening journey.

Patricia is the one who activated, or attuned, the use of my gifts. 

Something you need to know about Patricia is the magical way she will help you awaken. Patricia has a specialty in Shamanistic Mysticism for Everyday Living. She's able to help you remove entities who may be enjoying your company, she's able to help you recall past life memories which are ready to heal through working with advanced hypnotherapy, and she's also adept at something we call Light Language Frequency Therapy.

Sara Allen

It all started with my first session that I noticed she wasn't like other practitioners/healers that say you have a lot of problems and lure you in for a lot of continuous sessions. Not only did she help me heal but also discovered that I had the ability of a healer.  So now I'm her student. She is not like traditional instructors that give you books and tell you to follow their teaching to the T. She gives you the option to make them your own and makes you feel comfortable in using her teachings/tools.  When you work with her you leave feeling empowered, different and relaxed. 

Rosa G.

Working with Patricia is like working with Ancient Earth Magic coupled with Star Nation Wisdom.  Her Past Life Regressions and QHHT sessions are seriously impactful to your healing.  This combined with her gifts for moving energy with numerous healing modalities she guides in many upward shifts into your reality almost instantly. 

Her Journeys and guided meditations are masterful as well as her trips to visit your Akashic records. Soul retrieval,Sacred Activations, ancient tribal healing and so many other gifts are also apart of her magical healing tool belt. ~ Amy F