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Unlocking the Mysteries of Light Language: Book of 144 Codes

Discover the transformative power of light language to heal your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Light Language: Book of 144 Codes presents a collection of uniquely channeled frequencies of healing, alignment, expansion, and awakenings, encoded in geometric symbols.

Author and Speaker, Patricia Walls, is a light language practitioner with a deep understanding of its power to heal and transform. She is also the developer of the life-changing tool, Hall of Records® healing. She shares her knowledge and experience with the reader in this unparalleled code book that speaks to the soul and resonates with the heart.

The coded symbols are encoded with the language of light and contain infinite amounts of energy and information. By looking at a symbol or meditating on it, you can tune your consciousness to the frequencies of Divine Love and open your mind and heart to receive the wisdom that your soul needs.