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Hall of Records

Working Within the Law of Free Will to Change Your Life

Hello. I am currently completing the manuscript for my book “Hall of Records: Working Within the Law of Free Will to Change Your Life"

Create the Life You Want and Live with Purpose and Intention.

The Hall of Records can be used to gain insight and understanding, to access past lives, and to gain guidance on one's life path.

Learn the Law of free will and how it can be harnessed to overcome obstacles and achieve personal goals. It offers practical advice and techniques for making conscious choices and taking control of one's life.

When accessed, the Records allow individuals to tap into their own personal history and gain insights into their lives, relationships, and purpose.

These Records hold information about all aspects of life, including our past lives, current energies, historical experiences, and personal details. By accessing these records, we can gain a deeper understanding of our past and how it has shaped our present and future. This can help us contextualize our emotions, character, and reactions and have a greater appreciation for our past, present, and future.

In this book, you’ll discover:

  • How to Access the Records

  • Get a Granular Understanding of Your Past, Present & Future

  • Learn Your Souls Goal, Your Life's Purpose

  • You will be given all the tools and knowledge needed to access information from your book, Masters, Guides & Beings of light

  • Connect to Your Higher Self

  • Learn to use the Hall of Records to heal past and current trauma, understand repetitive situations, release emotional blockages

  • How You Can Read the Records for Others

  • Amazing Practical Exercises to Truly Activate Your Spiritual Skills & Abilities

Whether seeking guidance on personal growth, relationships, or career decisions, Hall of Records offer a source of knowledge and guidance that can help individuals to live their best lives.

We will go through this book in a simple and easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach when it comes to entering your Records and reading the vast amount of information they contain.

Get access today and join me on this wonderful journey.

The book is projected for publication through Amazon by April 2023. You can check the listing HERE.

What Is the Hall of Records

I have been using this tool to successfully help others clear programs, contracts, curses, and such for many years. Because I am aware that the Universe doesn’t give just any one human knowledge, I felt that at some point the information would be made public. It hasn’t. Other than in archeology, as with Edgar Cayce talking about the Hall of Records below the Sphinx in Egypt, the only other references to it were in architecture. So, here we are. Remember though, that this is my perception that is being shared. Perhaps now that this information is out there, someone else will share their perception and experiences with this part of the consciousness. It is all consciousness, by the way. Throughout the years I learned, experienced, and practiced many healing modalities and natural ways of healing and living.

During my work with shamanism, I found myself taking people on journeys. That evolved to taking them on journeys into the earth for review and healing. My teacher in that was the Earth Mother, herself. She instructed me take people on seven journeys into her caves to retrieve information and to receive healing and downloads of information.

Some 10 years into those journeys she directed me instead to a place that she called the Hall of Records. I had heard of the Akashic Records and even had taken a course in that technique. That way of receiving information always felt incomplete to me. I am not, in any way, discouraging anyone from that work. I am just saying I was not in alignment with it. In my belief system, there are no wrong ways of doing anything. There is simply what you align with.

What is the Hall of Records? It is the place where you find the records of everything that your soul has experienced, agreed upon or been cursed or condemned to.

It is also the place where you can access the same for your ancestors. It is my experience that oftentimes we agree to or are condemned to fulfil agreements or contracts for our ancestors and other selves.

And to take that further, sometimes we are experiencing they have told me are bleedovers. They as in the beings who guide and counsel me. Thus, many times what we are experiencing doesn’t even belong to us.

According to the Law of Free Will and Sovereignty nothing is set in stone. Nothing is a forever deal. We, as sovereign beings have the right to change our minds at any given time. It is a false program that tells you that you have to deal with whatever you agreed to.

The Hall of Records exists inside of you. Not physically, of course. But perhaps, maybe that. I see it as a part of our soul existence. We reach it through our imaginations, our soul memory, and our intelligence. Afterall, isn’t that how we also create illness, hardships, drama, and trauma. We create those to challenge ourselves to go further. If we can create them, we can destroy/un-create them. Our bodies are magical multiverses of being. Within and without our earth suits are multiple layers of energy fields that some call dimensions or layers. Everything that our soul or DNA has ever experienced is accessible to us through our own being. There is no one way to access the information. This is but one. Yet, one that I have found to be extremely efficient. As the information is within you there is no need to be concerned with protection or being subjected to outside influences.

Does that make sense? We, as a species, are evolving and no longer settling for the same answers that were given to us before just to please us. Now we are wanting more connection with source.

Law of Free Will…. Nothing happens to you that you haven’t agreed to on one level of consciousness or another. We discuss that in another chapter.

I love these ways because it they are self-empowering. While a practitioner can certainly be your guide to access the records and to help you to resolve agreements, you can also access them for yourself. Some prefer a practitioner or guide because in their detachment from the issue at present, they have the clarity and consciousness to see and receive information as a clearer channel. Therefore, able to call for records to review or destroy that are related to the core of your issue that you may overlook. There are times when we ‘overlook’ records because we are not ready, via the ego, to move forward. Fear is part of the ego.

Working in the Hall of Records means that your life is going to change for the better. There are times when although we may be miserable or sick, and even asking for help, that when faced with change we resist it. We resist it out of fear of the unknown. After all, once a record is destroyed it is gone and your life doesn’t include that anymore.

For someone who has lived their entire life as a scapegoat for others to suddenly be strong in their will and love of self. Well, you can imagine that they whole life is going to change, including their circle of friends, lovers, family, work. After all, their entire life was built around their ability to take stuff on for others. What happens when that doesn’t exist anymore? The ones that depended on them to be the scapegoat will have no more use of them and will replace them with a willing being. The dynamics of the whole relationship change. The person no longer has the want or need to be around people who used them or abused them in the past.

Your choice is to ignore the records and let them stand, which means nothing changes for you or you could burn/destroy them. This really depends on what form the records take as well. Of course, if they are stone tablets, you might not be able to destroy them by fire. Although, using one’s imagination, Dragon fire will destroy anything. So, you might have to adapt your form of destroying the records to how they are contained. As word of advice, though, is that tearing them up does not destroy them, it only changes their form. Writing or stamping them complete or cancelled does not destroy them. I have found fire to be the ultimate in transformation/transmutation and the only fully way to destroy them.

You will be using your intuition and your creative mind. If I were to ask you to see a red apple, could you see or sense one for me? How about a green tree? Do you feel as though you made them up? Do you feel as though you brought up the memory of having seen or experienced one in the past? Where does the image or information come from? This is the part of the mind that you will be using for this exercise. It is absolutely genius, and it is all up to you. The only wrong way to do it is to question and second guess yourself that you are not really seeing or experiencing what you are seeing and experiencing.

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