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Clearing and Protection Course Recorded on 4-13-24

This is the recording of the live2-hour Clearing and Protection class recorded on 4-13-24.  This class is different from the 15 video course listed below. 


Clearing and Protection


In this course, I will share knowledge, information, and my personal protocol for the removal of entities, attachments, cords, hooks, curses, and energetic imprints.

What you'll get:

  • 13 instructional videos

  • Follow-up Support

  • PDF informational document

What are the benefits of clearing?

• Shifts in perspective

• Boost in energy, feeling of freedom and lightness

• Increased sense of contentment

• Greater ability to focus

• Clearer vision of possibilities

• Experience of calm and relaxation

Why wouldn't you want to release energies that hinder your health and growth?