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Conscious Enlightenment and Expansion

Aligning With Your Higher Intelligence

How I Went From Being Spiritually Asleep To Manifesting Spiritual Abundance In My Life

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After struggling with symptoms of spiritual awareness activation and spending years searching for answers, I have come to this place of peace, harmony, understanding and connection.  I knew that there was more to life than we are being told. So many were coming to me for help in understanding, healing and opening up to their own Universal Intelligence.

 That's why I wrote this book!

What Is Opening Up To Your Own Universal Intelligence?

Most people who channel will say that they are receiving from their guides or helpers. Occasionally, they will say they are receiving from beings of a higher frequency/intelligence that are no longer in body such as Einstein, Buddha, Jesus or Metatron.  Many will say that those beings are higher versions of yourself.  That is my belief as well.  When I receive it is from a collective of frequencies that are me yet the higher form of me.  Sometimes they call themselves Universal Intelligence.  We all have the ability to receive from the Universe. Everyone is born with it, but most of us never practice it or are discouraged from using it when we are children. The truth is anyone can "relearn" it, at any age. 

 Everyone has the opportunity to communicate with their Universal intelligence to receive information that is required for their health, happiness and prosperity. 

 This book takes you through the step by step system that anyone can safely and securely practice at home.

Here are a few things you'll read about in the  "Conscious Enlightenment and Expansion" book:

  • How to unleash your Universe Intelligence Guidance system to tap into unlimited resources all around you.

  • ​​Discover what your gifts of intuition actually are and how to find answers to health, happiness and prosperity.

  • Tune into your unique thread of consciousness that no one can give you but you.

  • The simple fool proof system I use to trust my intuition 100% of the time and never second guess myself.

  • ​​Follow along as I walk you through how to open up to Universal intelligence in a safe and secure manner.

  • ​Learn the spiritual significance behind your subtle messages and how to apply this wisdom to your every life.

  • ​How to connect with your spirit guides and helpers in this lifetime for their infinite guidance.

  • Using your universal intelligence to break through blocks and limiting programs keeping you from manifesting all resources required.

  • ​Find your soul mission and life purpose to become an intentional creator of your most fulfilling life.

  • How to unleash your Universe Intelligence