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Are you ready to take your life to the next level?

Are you looking for extraordinary transformation and results?

As a conscious activator, spiritual mentor, and life coach, I offer a very unique, highly personalized and transformative form of mentoring to individuals who are ready to fully embrace their life with purpose and joy – and be the soul-centered leaders that our world needs.

This mentoring / coaching program is a good fit for you if:

  1. You find yourself at a significant turning point of your life and need someone to serve as your personal transformational and growth partner.

  2. You may feel isolated or not knowing where to start to shift your life and answer your true soul purpose or even understanding what it is.

  3. You are yearning to be and give more to the world.

  4. You are a healer yourself, a community or business leader looking for someone to walk with you in a spiritual yet non-religious context; you want to bring your mission and life as a whole to the next level; and you also appreciate someone who has a multicultural experience of mentoring leaders of all walks in life.

  5. You are ready for more than incremental changes, and long for deep, life-changing transformation. You want someone to be accountable to so that you make sure that you actually make the changes that you want in your life.

  6. You also want a program that is going to help start shifting your life right away. 

  7. You want a coach who is not going to impose a set formula but meet you exactly where you are. The whole point of my mentoring other people is not to be trained in exactly what I do. My role is to fully nurture you own dreams, creativity, and gifts, your own unique paths and calling. Each of us is absolutely unique. This is that diversity that our world needs and this is what I cherish the most about our humanity. For the past 40 yearsI have supported individuals and communities around the world, to find and develop their own resources and leadership. I know what that looks like.

  8. In all cases, don’t hesitate to CONTACT ME to discuss if we could be a good fit.

As a conscious activator, spiritual mentor, and life coach, I offer a very unique, highly personalized and transformative form of mentoring to individuals who are ready to fully embrace their life with purpose and joy – and be the soul-centered leaders that our world needs.

What will this very unique program bring you?

You will benefit from my exceptional multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural background, as well as more than 40 years of international experience mentoring leaders of all walks of life across cultures and traditions.

I never work only at one level. And together we will dive very deep:

  • Remove the blocks, stories, programming, limiting beliefs and karmic imprints that are stopping you from thriving.

  • Expand your frequency so you become a magnet for joyful reality, aligned with highest destiny.

  • Accelerate your healing journey with powerful energetic techniques because in your time with me you will go deep and directly to your energetic imprints.

  • Establish a simple yet powerful and effective routine that will bring you into resonance with a joyful and fulfilling reality.

  • Transform any limiting beliefs or programs about money into a genuine abundance and prosperity mindset.

  • Receive transmissions that will automatically revise your circle so you can enjoy more authentic, nurturing and fulfilling ones.

  • Learn to connect with your higher self safely and effectively.

  • Learn techniques to protect yourself from negative energies and psychic attacks.

  • Find clarity about your soul purpose and follow your path joyfully and smoothly.

From there, you will become unstoppable in “co-creating” with the Universe.

It is time to bring miracles into your life!

Are you ready?

Don’t hesitate to CONTACT ME to discuss if we could be a good fit. I will give you honest feedback in terms of how I can help you.

Please note that spots are limited as I only take a limited number of mentees at a time. 

It is important to note that although my role as a spiritual mentor / life coach may entail some counseling, it is not one of a therapist. It can be an adjunct to, not a substitute for, conventional medical or psychological services.

 How does spiritual mentoring / life coaching work with me?

Diving deep with journeying and soul work. 

  • You will be diving deeper than you have ever done before in order to bring real, lasting, irreversible shifts into your life. From there, I will support you through a radical process of growth so you can be and operate in the world in new ways.

  • Traditional coaching tends to focus on changing behavior, environment, and developing skills. Yet unless you address the deeper levels of your being, none of this will help you create and embody the lasting transformations that you are looking for.

  • I work from a higher level (spirituality) which is often spoken of as vision / purpose. Any change at a lower level will be unsustainable unless it is supported by changes on the higher level (which is sometimes represented as a reversed pyramid). Conversely, any change you make on the higher level will flow downstream and result in new ways of being, doing and creating.

How is this applied in the mentoring program?

  • The comprehensive intake I offer in the form of an initial session will make sure that we start on solid and deeply transformative grounds. This mind-body-spirit connection will remain at the core of our work together. Because I am a channel, I will tap into that more expanded space with each mentoring session and ask that your session b specifically tailored to your personal needs, as they evolve from session to session. Each session will build on the next one, ensuring that you feel and embody both growth and actualization.

  • Not leading with goals but with intention(s).  There are no structured "goals" here, unless you consider expansion a goal. There is nothing wrong with you having goals for our work together, but I will make sure that we go much deeper and tap into the essence of your deepest yearnings. This is where the authentic creative energy is.

  • Leading with intention also means that we acknowledge that you stand as co-creator of your life. This means: 1) That we are going to help you learn how to confidently tap into your own power as partner to the Universe. 2) That we are not going to pretend too early that we know the best outcome for you, but instead progressively gather the seeds of your new story, and the energy that is going to push you forward.

Opening to all possibilities

  • This is an important aspect of what I bring to my mentees. I will help you open to possibilities and resources that you did not know even existed. For that reason, we won’t rush into forms. Instead, we will tap into the limitlessness of your soul and make sure that you operate at your highest vibration and with your highest potential.

  • Experience has shown me over and over that, with soul, the journey is less about where we are heading than how we are continuing to expand and live in the moment. At first, the path itself may keep shifting and dissolving in that expansion so we can be and bring more of our essence into the world. This is a very powerful process, but it can feel confusing at times, which is why you need a safe container and gentle but firm guidance along the way.

Identifying and releasing your inner obstacles AND resources

  • Albert Einstein famously said, “We can’t solve problems at the same level of thinking that we used when we created them.”  What that means for us is twofold: one, that the energy from which you operate probably needs to be shifted, two that whichever hidden barriers are preventing you from accessing your full power need to be released.

  • I have a wide range of tools to help identify those inner barriers, shift them with compassion and forgiveness, and ultimately rewire the brain so that radical change lasts.   

Designing your growth path forward and your own toolbox

  • This shift must be grounded and actualized through the active, conscious development of new skills, capacities and structures that will bring the new you into every aspect of your life.

  • This will happen from session 1. Yes, you read correctly. We won’t wait for the last leg of our journey together to work on inner capacities and skills that need to evolve. From day 1, you will start putting things into practice, applying, and grounding the shifts in your own everyday life.

  • By the end of the program, you will have a personalized full toolbox that will be yours only and will work with your life. It will help you keep growing on your path.

What kind of tools or techniques do I use as a spiritual mentor / life coach?

  • As a intuitive and spiritual mentor / life coach, I use a vast range of tools that integrate body, mind and spiritI never work only at one level.

  • I draw upon ancient wisdom that can be found in all religious and spiritual traditions and teachings, and combine them with modern consciousness, and the results of the latest research in psychology and neuroscience. Why? Because I take the infinite possibilities of neuroplasticity seriously and I want lasting transformation for you.

  • Meditation, journeying, mindfulness practices, EFT techniques, EmoTrance technique, Light Language, Hall of Records, activations/deactivations, energy body grid repair, removal of attachments, etc.  will be designed and used as necessary.

What is my commitment to you as your spiritual mentor / life coach?

  • I offer a safe and sacred container for you to deepen your self-exploration and personal transformation.

  • My commitment to you is to be a loving spiritual companion, a witness and, when needed, facilitator on your journey.

  • I will always respect and support your independence and, even more important, your own inner power. I also always fully respect the specificity of each person’s path and beliefs. I never mentor two persons the same way.

  • And I am available to you in between sessions. I have often be told that this is particularly unique, and this is why I can’t take too many mentee at once. But I know that my availability to you is what makes you transform faster from one session to the next, as we continue to work in between.

What is your commitment as a mentee?

  • The main thing required on your part is a genuine, open, and willing attitude. You also need to be ready to allow me hold space for you with love and compassion, while pushing you when needed. I won’t necessarily tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear. 

  • This program will also require commitment on your part to do your homework in between sessions.

  • In all cases, it will consist of practices and exercises that apply directly to the unfolding of your everyday life and support the exact type of transformation that you are looking for. I will also make sure that it will fit your lifestyle. So my mentees generally don’t feel that it is “homework.” However, I ask them  as I will ask you to commit to your own growth and report in between sessions.

I will be honored and humbled to serve as your spiritual mentor / life coach, a personal transformation and growth partner.

For more information:  CONTACT ME

Here are your options

Package #1

A monthly commitment to transformation and growth

Your investment: $120 / month

  • Initial one-and-a-half-hour session via zoom

  • Email and text access in between sessions, feedback and recommendations

  • Sharing of tools for empowerment

  • Personal 60-minute one-on-one call each month via zoom (a $265 value).  This call can be used for anything such as session work, questions, coaching, personal exploration, etc

  • Progressive creation of your personalized framework and toolbox so you can move forward in a sustainable way

  • Support in developing your future project, whatever it is

  • Extraordinary, steady and sustainable transformation and growth over time

Package #2

An intensive and accelerated

9 week-transformation

Your investment: $999

  • One two-hour in-take comprehensive session  

  • 8 one-hour mentoring sessions via zoom

  • Exploration, connection and expansion assignments and practices to support you in between sessions

  • Email and text voice access in between sessions, feedback and recommendations

  • Progressive creation of your personalized framework and tool box so you can move forward in a sustainable way

  • Support in laying out your future plan(s)

  • Extraordinary and sustainable transformation and growth over a very short period of time

What Others Say

I have been privileged to work with some amazing beings. This is but only four.
Sarah T.
Working with Patricia in her spiritual mentorship program has been a life-changing experience. Her guidance and support have helped me tap into my inner wisdom and connect with my spiritual side in a way I never thought possible. I am forever grateful for her teachings and highly recommend her program to anyone looking to deepen their spiritual practice.
Amanda G.
I cannot thank Patricia enough for the transformation I have experienced through her spiritual mentorship program. Her gentle yet powerful approach has helped me break through limiting beliefs and connect with my true purpose. I have gained a newfound sense of clarity and peace in my life, and I highly recommend her program to anyone seeking spiritual growth.
Charity W. 
Patricia's spiritual mentorship program has been a true blessing in my life. Her wisdom, compassion, and guidance have helped me navigate through challenging times and find a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment. I have learned invaluable tools and techniques that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I highly recommend her program to anyone looking to deepen their spiritual journey.
Tamika W.
I cannot speak highly enough of Patricia's spiritual mentorship program. Her teachings have opened my eyes to a whole new level of spiritual understanding and growth. Through her program, I have learned to trust my intuition, release negative patterns, and connect with my higher self. I am forever grateful for her guidance and highly recommend her program to anyone on a spiritual path.