Patricia walls - author

Awakening the Galactic earth being within

Is dedicated to those who are no longer sitting quietly by the sidelines.  It is dedicated to those that are thinking outside of the box, and outside of society norms. It is dedicated to those who are willing to see and be seen, no longer hiding in the shadows of those considered normal. 

 It is dedicated to those brave beings, in whatever form you currently reside in, who have joined me in the work of remembering who you truly are and so reclaiming our Sovereignty,

The book introduction says it all

Oftentimes we practice principles, disciplines, and even universal laws through intuition where others practice them through conscious awareness. My point of reference is that here we are going to share about two subjects that I, as a human being, don’t consciously practice, yet I can see how I unconsciously use them in my everyday life and how they are a benefit.  

Upon reflection, you may notice that of yourself.  We have an innate wisdom and universal connection.  It is not necessary to read and study other’s work. The benefit of it, though, is that it often queues remembrances, knowings, and expands what is already there.  

This is my ninth published book.  I add that here for a reason.  While the other books were within my spectrum of experience, with the addition of Universal knowing from the Beings, they are including some information here that I don’t have any conscious experience with. For that reason, I did do a bit of research on some of the information shared here. 

While I did research the subject(s), the Beings both guided me in the accuracy of what I was sharing and also had some edits and additions to that material because as the human consciousness expands so does the information.  They mean that to say that information offered 10 years ago is not completely valid anymore since the frequency of consciousness is higher than it was ten years ago and so is connected to a different/higher level of universal consciousness.  Remembering that what we share is only a guide, it is always encouraged for you to do your own research both in the dimensional reality and innerstanding following your own connection with universal consciousness. 

 To continue. I would say that ninety percent, in this case, of everything that I do is channeled from higher beings of different dimensional realities and star groups.  They are all me.  You do know that about yourself, right?  All of your helpers, guides, even angelic presences are higher soul aspects of you. And so, every book is written because I received direction from my higher aspect beings that it is required at the time to bring this knowledge to the collective. Just as the words that you are reading here are being transmitted. Within the words are codes of information, downloads, and DNA activations meant to open your awareness and expand your consciousness. 

To further explain, I have innerstanding that I am what some refer to as a revolving door walk-In/soul upgrade.  I will not go into detail about that here but cover more in the chapter on Walk-ins. In that way, my published books on Light Language were channeled from an upgrade that occurred in 2017. This body of work is being channeled from an upgrade that occurred in August of 2023.  

As I am putting these chapters and information together, I have seen a pattern of saying we versus I.  Many of you have read my other books or collaborated with me directly and understand that I work with a collective of higher spiritual beings that I simply refer to as the Beings.  And also that at least 90% of my work is channeled.  I felt it important to bring that into awareness at the beginning so that you wouldn’t fall into confusion or say, this crazy lady doesn’t know if she’s I or We.  Actually, I am both.  

Continuing on.  As always, as I add new chapters directed by the Beings, I am constantly amazed.  In other words, I learn as you learn.  How many of you have noticed this within your own consciousness?  It is how we expand. Without that guidance and upgrades we would be standing still.  Energy, in this case conscious energy, is not meant to stand still or be stale. Isn’t that considered dead?  Is there dead energy? Interesting that science calls it quantum foam.  

To break for a moment and share a process for those of you who write from channel, I am all over the place when I am compiling a book.  And this is because I am a channel. Also because in the focus of a subject for a book, I find that of course all of the chapters are related. So many times I am flowing along with information and will stop and say oh, wait that belongs in …. Chapter.  How many of you do that.  Continuing.

We are living in an expanded frequency from our ancestors you know. There are amazing opportunities and freedoms afforded us that weren’t offered before.  And, with that I just want to encourage you to adjust your perceptions away from what is past, what the limitations were, what the beliefs and programs were.

So, many times I hear people, even spiritual leaders, say well, that’s the way we have always done it. It is tradition.  In doing it this way we are honoring our ancestors.  Yes, please do honor those that came before you, honor your ancestors, honor those that struggled so that you have freedom of movement and freedom of voice.  Do you know what the best way to honor their lives, struggles, accomplishments, and teachings are?  It is to expand their teachings and to bring them up to the current frequency of consciousness.

That is how I want to be honored and remembered.  I don’t want people saying, “this is the way Patricia did it.”  You aren’t thinking for yourselves if you are following, you are following a program or belief of someone or something else. 

This body of work is meant to queue your remembrance of first, the agreement you made to be here at this time, and second what a miracle you are. 

There are many things shared in this body of work through the guidance and prompting of my collective which I refer to as the Beings.  Some of the information may seem familiar, some may trigger you based on your programs, and some may pique your interest and cause you to want more.  That is when I strongly encourage you to do your own research.  Even in that, please remember that your quest is for truth, so it is required to go inside and ask what is true for you in what you find on the net, books, and other human sharings, including what you read here.  I have the same rule for myself. 

As you read this book, what is in alignment and agreement with you will automatically download via the frequencies and codes that have been installed here.  Remembering that according to the Law of Free Will, nothing occurs that you have not agreed to. Also remembering that our agreements were made before the body came into form and so you may not have conscious memory/awareness of them. You may find it happens in many ways some of which are waves of knowing or familiarity, goosebumps, a sudden yawn or getting sleepy.  When I am receiving large amounts of downloads, I just get sleepy because they are more easily integrated when I am not in motion.

Consider this now.  As I was channeling and compiling this information, I had the knowing that even though the Beings’ reason for sharing this information was to bring remembrances to you that would bring you to the current vibratory rate of ascension, it is even now invalid. It is invalid because the vibratory rate of human awareness changes by the millisecond.  So, we offer this at whatever stage of evolution and awareness you are currently at with the hopes it will propel you higher.